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Zentangle Demo to Elko County Art Club 11/5

I had the honor of demonstrating the Zentangle® art form at the Nov. 5, 2013, meeting of the Elko County Art Club (ECAC) at its new gallery in Elko, NV. Anyone, regardless of artistic ability, can do and enjoy tangling using this simple and engrossing method of creative doodling. I explained the origin and evolution of the art form, the tools needed, and the difference between a Zentangle and Zentangle Inspired Art (ZIA). I shared some spin-off ideas/opportunities and my collection of instruction books. I then showed them how a Zentangle is created using pencil, pen, and shading and helped attendees create a Zentangle tile using the handouts, tangles (patterns), and materials I provided. The room became immediately quiet as attendees immersed themselves in this Zen form of meditative doodling.

Zentangle tile

Sample Zentangle tile created by me

I accidentally discovered the amazing and enthralling world of Zentangle last winter, though it has been around since about 2006. I explored it thoroughly on the web and bought a Zentangle Kit, several instruction books, and a Tangle A Day 2013 Calendar. As an artist, I was well on my way without attending a Zentangle class. Since then, I’ve been collecting and organizing tangles, making Zentangle tiles, and practicing new tangles daily in my Calendar. I find tangling to be very relaxing, a great way to totally clear my mind before bedtime. A Zentangle, in its pure form, is not supposed to be representational; it may be pleasingly viewed from any angle. The process of tangling, rather than its tangible outcome, provides its most valuable benefit (focused relaxation), though the results may be very interesting to look at and share.

I passed around an email list sign-up sheet at the ECAC demo. It contained an opportunity to express interest in attending a future Zentangle class led by me. Two people from that group are interested in attending such a class in Elko, NV, so I’m considering offering at least one class this winter. If you are interested in attending my future Zentangle classes, sign up here to be notified when classes are scheduled. If I get enough interest, I’ll be off on a new adventure!

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