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New 3-times-daily Pillbox Size

3x Daily Pillbox  3x Daily Pillbox Top View

A customer recently requested a custom 21-dose weekly-3-times-daily pillbox. I was eager to accommodate her, as this configuration would fill a common need, but it is not commercially available. This decorative pillbox was for her husband, so she needed enough spacing between the rows of 7-dose strip pillboxes to accommodate his larger fingers. The pill organizer also needed to match their bathroom decor and include a dichroic glass seahorse. I was delighted to create the above custom pillbox for her using a slab of beautiful stained glass to anchor three medium 7-day strip pillboxes. The picture below shows the pillbox in the customer’s bathroom setting.

150810 CUSTOM 3xdaily pillbox-3

Using this pillbox as a prototype, similar 3-times-daily (or 3-week) custom pillboxes could easily be made in a variety of sizes by merely substituting different size 7-dose-strip pill boxes and adjusting, as needed, the spacing between the rows of pill dispensers. If you would like a custom pillbox made with a configuration similar to this one, please contact me with your size details so I may quote you a price.

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