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New Rhythm Bead Bells

Rhythm Bead Bells

In the search for the “perfect jingles” for my SteedBeads® Rhythm Beads for horses, I always seek bells that are both durable and pleasant sounding. The above bells are what I currently have in stock. The bottom row shows goldtone and silvertone jingle bells, chromed and brass round temple bells, brass temple bell, and brass face bell. The top row shows larger bells with a much louder tone: chromed and coppered brass sun bells, chromed and brass almond bells, and brass heart bells. I have not been able to acquire plain brass sun bells, but I will keep seeking a wholesale source for these.

The almond and heart bells have an especially loud tone that some might consider too loud (?). Still, they do have a very nice sound.

I have created three sets of readymade SteedBeads Rhythm Beads (pictured below) using some of these new bells and added them to my website. All are 52″ in size, which will fit a larger than average size horse.

3 Rhythm Beads

Any of these bells may be specified as components in custom SteedBeads Rhythm Beads. Order your set today, and don’t forget to include matching Mane Dangles and/or Saddle Dangles!

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