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3 Readymade SteedBeads Rhythm Beads

3 SteedBeads

I recently created the three new sets of readymade SteedBeads Rhythm Beads shown above and posted them for sale on my website. The two on the left are 52″ long and will fit a large size horse. The green one is 50″ long and will fit a slightly larger than average size horse. The purple set has two brass tags flanking the pendant that say “be true” and “follow your heart,” respectively. The green jingle bells have the softest tone of the three sets shown. The purple set’s brass temple bells are next softest. The large round brass temple bells on the brown set are quite loud. Check out all my readymade SteedBeads Rhythm Beads here. Don’t forget to order matching SteedBeads Saddle Dangles and/or Mane Dangles.

Ordering a set of Custom SteedBeads Rhythm Beads is the best way to get exactly what you want in terms of size, pendant type, and bell type and bead colors. Most of my available bell types are shown below. The large round temple bells (first and second in row one) also come in plain brass.

Rhythm Bead Bells

In general, those in the top row are louder and lower pitched than the ones in the bottom row. If you want to hear how the different types of bells sound, give me a call and I’ll jingle some for you!


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