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Ten New Pillbox Creations

Ten New Stained Glass Pillboxes

Ten new multi-dose stained glass pillboxes

I recently completed ten new multi-dose stained glass pillboxes and added them to my website. In creating them, I had a lot of fun working with some new embellishments and techniques.

I added iridescent gold/silver flakes embedded in clear resin to two of the dark gray stained glass pillbox tops. Iridescent glass gems suggest bubbles on the larger box. Aqua acrylic nuggets add three-dimensional appeal and tactile enjoyment to the larger septagonal box top, and the flakes and clear resin on this box reflect rainbow hues.

The other large septagonal gray pillbox has purple and hot pink acrylic nuggets in a swirling pattern around a dark blue hollow glass bubble.

Bottoms of ten new pill boxes

Bottoms of these ten new pill boxes are less appealing than the tops.

The ice cream cone on the white stained glass  pillbox top was a scrap piece of gray stained glass. I painted glittery and iridescent stripes on it with various colors/types of nail polish and added a clear resin glaze over the top. The three-dimensional scoop of ice cream in the cone is made with a transparent purple glass gem surrounded by acrylic purple crystals.  

The horse on the tiny aqua box is made of turquoise. He sits atop a slab of striped iridescent dichroic glass, and the aqua slab of glass beneath these embellishments also is iridescent, turning bright pink when tilted in your hand. Clear resin surrounds the horse and covers the entire area around him, giving this box extra protection for use in a pocket or purse.  

The stained glass on the two brown pillboxes suggest intriguing land and/or seascapes, begging for simple embellishments, such as the beach stone and tiger-eye cross. These boxes may appeal to masculine buyers.   

For more information about the individual pill boxes, see this New Creations Announcement email and my website. I plan to move a few of these new pillboxes from my website to my webstore soon, so if you do not see them on my website, they may be on or sold.  

Which sides of these pill boxes would you rather have facing up on your counter top? I’ve added some surprise elements to make the bottom sides more interesting on the septagonal boxes, but otherwise the bottoms are pretty boring!  

If you have need for a particular pillbox configuration and/or color scheme, order a custom pillbox on my website. If you need a size or shape not offered there, contact me. I can probably create just the right box for you . The holidays are coming up fast, so consider giving my pillboxes as gifts to friends and family.

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