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Custom SteedBeads™ rhythm beads are now available on, a new website specializing in unique gifts for horse owners. Site owner, Jessica Friday, is a life-long horse person, like myself, who identified this market niche and has ably started filling it by offering a variety of unusual products, many of which are hand made by specialty artisans. She invited me to be the exclusive provider of rhythm beads on her site because she was greatly impressed with my attention to high quality, option variety, and product safety.

Jessica suggested offering my custom SteedBeads™ by pendant type, which resulted in 31 products. Each product features a different pendant and the options to select three standard bead colors, three accent bead colors/types, and the bell type (or no bells). From 1-5 matching Mane Dangles and 1-4 matching Saddle Dangles also may be added to the order.

I have placed my SteedBeads™ products on on a consignment basis, so when orders are received, I create the products and drop ship them to the customer. This arrangement has necessitated price increases for custom SteedBeads™ rhythm beads wherever they are sold. My market research indicates that EquiGifts.comis perhaps the only independent Internet retailer offering truly custom rhythm beads plus products from other sources.

I was so impressed by SteedBeads™ product arrangement and ordering options that I have begun restructuring my own website to offer my custom SteedBeads™ products in a similar manner. This website redesign is still underway, so please use my SteedBeads™ Gallery menu option in the meantime. I will let you know via a blog post when the redesign is complete.

I’m excited by this partnering opportunity with and look forward to receiving my first SteedBeads™ order from this site. I also wish Jessica every success with her exciting new venture. I encourage you to visit and check out its many interesting equine gifts.

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