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Anglican Prayer Beads

Anglican Prayer Beads made by Kristi Lyn Glass

I ran across an article recently about Protestant (Anglican) Prayer Beads, which are sort of like a Catholic Rosary, but for Protestants to use during prayer. I immediately was enthralled by the concept and the opportunity to use my beading skills to make a product that would glorify God while helping others improve their prayerful connection with Him. I’ve since created nine sets of Prayer Beads and posted them for sale on my website in the Unique Creations section. I’ll be adding more of these, so check back often.

The circlet of Anglican Prayer Beads has four sections containing seven medium-sized “Week” beads. Each section is separated by a larger, “Cruciform” bead. The circle begins and ends at the tail, which contains another of the medium-sized beads (which may be used as a Resurrection bead), an invitatory Cruciform bead, and a cross or other symbolic pendant.

Unlike the Catholic Rosary, which has a set pattern for its use, Anglican Prayer Beads may be used any way that feels right for you. For details about their history and use, see this link.

Suggested ways to pray with Anglican Prayer Beads have  been shared by many via the internet. Examples are cited in the above links. My personal favorite goes something like this:

Cross: In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, I pray.
Invitatory bead
: Lord be with me as I pray.
First Cruciform bead: Lord, I adore you because…
First set of seven Week beads: Each bead a different reason for adoration
Second Cruciform bead: Lord, I ask for forgiveness for…
Second set of seven Week beads:
Each bead a different confession
Third Cruciform bead: Lord, I thank you for…
Third set of seven Week beads: Each bead a different thing for which I’m thankful
Fourth Cruciform bead: Lord, I pray for…
Fourth set of seven Week beads:
Each bead a different supplication or petition
Invitatory bead: The Lord’s Prayer
Resurrection  bead: Thank you, Lord, for your resurrection, showing us there is an after life with you.
Cross: In Jesus’ name I pray.

Of course, I had to make a very special personal set of Prayer Beads for myself, pictured below.

Kristi's Prayer Beads

My personal Anglican Prayer Beads have iridescent cut crystal beads and cross.

I also acquired and read an inspiring book about praying with beads: Bead One, Pray Too, by Kimberly Winston, who has an excellent blog on the subject.

Since I’ve begun praying with my beads, I’ve felt a closer connection to God and experienced more meaningful and consistent prayer time.

What do you think about using Prayer Beads? Do you think they would be useful to you personally? What do you think of my Prayer Bead creations?

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