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Six New Chaplet Bracelets

Chaplet Bracelets

My Protestant prayer bead chaplet bracelet inventory was running low, so I recently created six new chaplets and posted them for sale on my website.

These all feature gold- or silver-plated Screw-Tite Crimps, for secure and beautiful component connections. I recently started using these in all my prayer bead creations.

Some of these new chaplets also have wire-frame crosses that I filled with colored resin, such as the cross on the Purple Golden Fishes Chaplet below.

Purple Golden Fishes Chaplet Bracelet

This type of cross is also used on the Agate Disk Chaplet:

Agate Disk Chaplet Cross

The unique cruciform beads on this chaplet did not photograph well. They have diamond-shaped red agate centers surrounded by a gray stone border. They complement the chaplet’s translucent red and white agate disk Week beads and show up best on this picture:

Those seeking a super blingy chaplet will love my Faceted Golden Chaplet:

It features a sparkly druzy stone cross, faceted golden transparent glass beads, and unique golden metal spacer beads with etched silver bands.

You may use chaplets in any way you choose to enhance and organize your prayer time. Wear them as bracelets or attach them to purses, backpacks, rear view mirrors, cell phones, etc. They will then be handy for prayer and as a personal statement of faith.

This diagram explains how to use a Protestant (Anglican) chaplet in the same way you would use a full set of Protestant prayer beads during your prayer time.

Chaplet Diagram

Check out all my unique Protestant Chaplet Bracelets on my website. They are priced at $18.00 each, including my 16-page Anglican Prayer Beads how-to booklet and a lifetime restringing guarantee. Chaplets make great gifts! Order yours today!

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