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10 Protestant Prayer Beads

10 Prayer Beads Photo

God called on me to create ten new sets of Anglican (Protestant) prayer beads, and I said to myself, “Amen!” My subsequent creations, pictured above, feature a variety of colors and components. Two have lovely agate pendants, and four are necklace length. Three sets have the ever-popular blue and white colors, one is all white, one is all black, and one combines lovely red jasper with healing hematite.

Inspiration Prayer Beads Photo

Of special note is the unique necklace-length inspirational set shown above that has meaningful words printed on both sides of its brass Week beads. Each of the four sets of seven Week beads features one of these words: Lead, Inspire, Power, and Change. The Resurrection/Listening bead says “Inspire.” This format may be useful to those who, like me, use each set of Week beads for a different type of prayer.

The spacer beads are bone-shaped amethyst, which is traditionally worn to guard against drunkenness, fears, and self-deception. This “power stone” is used to increase positive spiritual feelings, overcome fears and cravings, relieve headaches, and focus energy during the healing process. Thus, in this prayer bead necklace, amethyst is the perfect stone to combine with the inspirational Week beads’ words.

I have enough of these inspirational word beads left to make one similar set of prayer beads, so if you’d like these beads combined into a custom set of prayer beads for your personal use, contact me.

I’ve posted all of the above prayer beads on my website, so if any of them appeal to you, snap them up soon!

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