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Using Alcohol Ink in Resin

Pill Organizers With Resined Mirror Embellishments

I recently experimented with adding alcohol ink to resin on some rectangular mirror scraps left over from making tops for my decorative pill organizers. I wanted to see what would happen and how much control I might have over the process. Here is what I found.

Using Ice Resin, I covered the full top side of a half dozen mirrored pieces. I then put a couple drops each of two colors of alcohol ink into the uncured resin on half of each top. This left the other end clear of color. The alcohol ink tinted the resin and somewhat blended the two colors for a very nice effect.

The rectangles called out for additional embellishment to make them suitable for some potential future use. I therefore dropped some beach rocks, agates, and bits of colored seashells into the colored side of the resined surfaces and let them cure.

The result was so beautiful that I knew I would have to find some decorative use for these creations. Could they be turned into magnets? Maybe, but they seemed a bit too large for that use.

I decoded to cut stained glass for six decorative pill organizer tops to complement these embellishments. The results are shown in the above photo. All of these pill organizers are now available for purchase on my website.

Here’s a closer look at the Blue Green Mirrored Shells Medium 14-dose Pillbox.

Blue Green Mirrored Shell Pillbox

Here’s another close-up showing my Red Mirrored Rock Medium 14-dose Pillbox.

Red Mirrored Rock Medium 14-dose Pillbox

I’m looking forward to creating full mirrored tops for both my decorative pill organizers and my UnderCover secret storage cubes using this resin and alcohol ink technique.

What do you think about this technique? What other kinds of inclusions could I add? I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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