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Prayer For Patience

Prayer Bead Diagram

I offer this prayer for use with Protestant/Anglican Prayer Beads whenever you are in need of patience. Use the diagram above to work your way through the beads’ layout. May it help you examine and ease your impatience and foster more trust in God.


Pendant/Bead Type Prayer
Cross   In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
Invitatory   Lord be with me as I pray.
  Resurrection Thank you for your resurrection, leading us to eternal life.
First Cruciform   I love your patience, Lord, because
  First Week You are always with me, even if I fail to notice or remember.
  Second Week You continually hope I will learn the lessons you present.
  Third Week You listen to all my complaints and concerns.
  Fourth Week You understand when I ask you for impossible things.
  Fifth Week You don’t expect me to be perfect.
  Sixth Week You always offer me comfort and love.
  Seventh Week You always forgive me for my sins.
Second Cruciform   Thank you, Lord, for your patience
  First Week When I insist on doing things without your help.
  Second Week When I fail to trust or forgive.
  Third Week When I make mistakes.
  Fourth Week When I am frustrated.
  Fifth Week When I procrastinate.
  Sixth Week When I am tired, sick, or overwhelmed.
  Seventh Week When I repeatedly fail to learn the lessons you present.
Third Cruciform   Please have patience and forgive me, Lord, for my sins of
  First Week Omission
  Second Week Pride
  Third Week Gluttony
  Fourth Week Impatience
  Fifth Week Making assumptions
  Sixth Week Not being impeccable with my word
  Seventh Week Not taking good care of my physical body.
Fourth Cruciform   Please help me, Lord, to have patience with
  First Week Family members
  Second Week Friends
  Third Week Work and fellow workers
  Fourth Week Government, politicians, and other leaders
  Fifth Week Health or other issues
  Sixth Week My shortcomings
  Seventh Week Achieving my goals and aspirations
First Cruciform   (The Lord’s Prayer)
  Listening Tell me, Lord, what is best to do next? I am listening.
Invitatory   In Jesus’ name I pray.
Cross or Pendant   Amen


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