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Prayer for Fearful Times

Prayer Bead Diagram

I offer this prayer for use with Protestant/Anglican Prayer Beads whenever you are fearful. Use the diagram above to work your way through the beads’ layout. May it help ease your fears and turn them over to God.

Pendant/Bead Type Prayer
Cross or Pendant   In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
Invitatory   Lord be with me as I pray.
  Resurrection Thank you for your resurrection, leading us to eternal life.
First Cruciform   I love you, Lord, because
  First Week You love me, even when I am fearful.
  Second Week You have brought this fear into my life for a reason.
  Third Week You always have my best interests at heart.
  Fourth Week Your loving presence comforts and protects me.
  Fifth Week You carry me, when I am weak.
  Sixth Week I can trust you.
  Seventh Week When I am with you, I am at peace.
Second Cruciform   I thank you, Lord, because
  First Week You listen to my fears and concerns.
  Second Week You understand why I am fearful.
  Third Week You help me understand others’ fears and concerns.
  Fourth Week You offer me possible solutions to my problems.
  Fifth Week You give me patience if solutions are delayed.
  Sixth Week You help carry my fears when they are overwhelming.
  Seventh Week You give me confidence to get through this fearful time.
Third Cruciform   Forgive me, Lord,
  First Week For forgetting you are in control of all things.
  Second Week For lacking compassion for others’ points of view.
  Third Week For thinking I can handle my fears alone.
  Fourth Week For wallowing in my fear, instead of choosing positive alternatives.
  Fifth Week For ignoring the lessons I can learn from this situation.
  Sixth Week For putting off acting on possible solutions.
  Seventh Week For not trusting you to guide me.
Fourth Cruciform   Lord, I pray
  First Week For full understanding of why I am fearful.
  Second Week For solutions to my fears.
  Third Week For acceptance and patience, if no solutions are obvious.
  Fourth Week For lessons to be understood and learned.
  Fifth Week For compassion and love for myself and others.
  Sixth Week For your help in turning my problems over to you.
  Seventh Week For this fearful situation to end when you decide.
First Cruciform   (The Lord’s Prayer)
  Listening Tell me, Lord, what is best to do next. I am listening.
Invitatory   In Jesus’ name I pray.
Cross or Pendant   Amen


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