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23 Decorative Pillboxes Showcase New Techniques

23 New Pillboxes

I went hog wild recently increasing my inventory of mirrored and aurora pillboxes in a variety of configurations. My small and large septagon pillboxes are especially in demand, as are my enameled and mirrored pillboxes and my new 7- and 8-dose rectangular pillboxes. I therefore created 23 new pillboxes now for sale on my website.

New embellishment techniques abound in this batch of creations. A  square piece of mirror containing a daub of enamel with a dichroic glass cabochon in its center was coated in a layer of clear resin to form an eye-like embellishment in the Aqua Eye Large 7-dose Strip Pillbox below. I also made the two clear resin cabochons containing aqua glitter and stars.

Aqua Eye Pillbox

I embedded a Zentangle-like purple tissue doily (cut from a bouquet wrapper) in clear resin on the blue stained glass top of the Blue Buttercup Large Septagon Pillbox shown below. I also created its central resin cabochon containing seed beads and a bit of blue acrylic paint stretched with toothpicks into a free-form star shape.

Blue Buttercup Pillbox

I resin coated a glittered fabric peacock feather (cut from a piece of wired ribbon) to embellish the green Peacock 7-dose Rectangle Pillbox shown below. The peacock feather required several layers of resin on both sides, with painstaking drip trimming in between, but the result is fabulous in hand. I have two more of these lovely transparent peacock feather embellishments in production, so watch for them to appear on future pillboxes.

Peacock Pillbox

I was able to salvage the glitter-filled cross embellishment on the Brown Sparkle Cross 8-dose Pillbox below, but it was one of my “interesting idea, but I’ll never try that again” experiments. It was created by outlining the cross shape with silicone caulk on clear acetate, letting it cure, and then filling the resultant mold with resin and adding glitter and spangles. Unfortunately, when I unmolded the resin, the edges of the resin cross were rough, because the resin seeped into the rounded edges of the caulk. I was able to trim the edges of the resin with an Exacto knife to salvage the piece, but they are still a little rough. I like the contrast in textures on this creation, though.

Brown Sparkle Cross Pillbox

I achieved a far more successful molding technique for the embellished top of the Aqua Lilac Spatter Small Septagon Pillbox below. I used two-part Epoxy molding compound to create a mold in the septagonal shape required for the pillbox top. I then filled the mold with clear resin and added the glittery fiber- and sequin-like embellishments to the resin. Easy peasy! I will be reusing this mold for future pillbox tops in a variety of designs. I especially like that the embellishments are viewable in the box’s central well when the box is turned over for use.

Aqua Lilac Spatter Small Septagon Pillbox

The Mirrored Aqua Planet Large Septagon Pillbox pictured below features an enameled mirror top. I used a toothpick to draw the enamel toward its central glass cabochon, enhancing the 3D look of the “planet.” I enameled the back side of the glass cabochon before gluing it to the mirror to achieve the central swirled enamel effect. The cabochon was then firmly seated in a protective layer of clear resin, to which I added purple and aqua glitter. The mirrored area is very hard to photograph effectively, but this pillbox is exceptionally dazzling in hand. The central well on the underside of the box contains one of my aqua heart-and-glitter-filled domed resin cabochons for a surprise when the box is turned over for use.

Mirored Aqua Planet Large Septagon Pillbox

I created five more of my Aurora small septagon pillbox tops in this batch. (Aurora tops are cut from rainbow-effect DVDs as explained in my previous blog post on The Best Way to Cut a CD or DVD.) Unfortunately, I did not cut two of these perfectly enough, which I did not discover until I tried to glue the embellished tops to their base boxes. The tops were warped on one corner because I impatiently tried to cut the DVDs when they were too cool to cut smoothly. I tried adding a layer of resin to the back sides of these tops in the hope that the resin’s self-leveling quality would result in a flat surface. No such luck. The two otherwise beautiful creations pictured below are now destined to become awesome Christmas ornaments for my upcoming ornament exchanges. I’ve heard that a true artist can always find ways to solve artistic problems!

Aurora Ornaments

If you would like one or both of these absolutely dazzling ornaments for your tree or your own ornament exchanges this December, contact me. I’d be willing to part with them for $5.00 each plus $7.00 for USPS Priority Mail shipping of one or both of these little treasures. (Free delivery to my local customers.) The flower in the upper ornament is iridescent dichroic glass, and you can see daylight through its resin-filled center hole. The rhinestoned 3D metal filigreed cabochon in the center of the lower aqua ornament appears to be floating in air, suspended at its base in the clear resin. The back sides are resin-coated rainbowed silver, as shown below. I’ll be drilling a small hole in each of them and attaching a monofilament hanging loop.

Ornament Backs

I predict that the pillboxes in this batch will sell quickly, so if any of them appeal to you, head over to my website pronto and snap them up!




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