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10 New Protestant Chaplet Bracelets

10 New Chaplets

I recently created 10 new Protestant chaplet bracelets and added them to my website. Chaplets are not only useful as prayer tools. They are beautiful and comforting statements of faith. Each is priced at $18.00.

Bead sizes determine the length of each chaplet, so be sure to measure the size of your or your giftee’s wrist to make sure a specific chaplet will fit.

Besides their obvious use as bracelets, chaplets can be powerful prayer tools. The bead pattern is a shortened version of a full set of Protestant (Anglican) prayer beads. Many Protestant-prayer-bead-designed prayers may also be used on a chaplet, or you may use them in any way that feels right for you. The diagram below shows how to use on a chaplet a prayer you normally use on a full set of Protestant prayer beads.

Chaplet Diagram

To keep your chaplet handy, you may attach it to items you typically carry with you. For example, you could attach it to your purse, as my Purple Tan Swirls Chaplet is shown below.

Purple Tan Swirls Chaplet

You also could attach a chaplet to your rear view mirror or just tuck it in your pocket. Each time you feel or see your chaplet, you will remember and cherish your connection with God.

Check out all my chaplets today and pick the one that will work best for you. Hurry! These are getting snapped up fast! (That’s a sure sign from God that I need to make more of these soon.)

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